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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome to my DeviantArt profile.As you may have noticed my name , at least on the internet, is Valgryn.
I consider myself to be an digital artist least an hobbyist digital artist and I am currently creating my own fantasy world that has an atomic age setting ( 1933 - 2000). There is no official name for it yet that's why it's called chronicles for now but this may change as soon as I find a suitable name.

Also I have started doing streams (drawing and gaming) so if you want to see me drawing things you can do so by joining the stream.
Streams are announced here on DeviantArt, Facebook and Twitter.
I may also uploud sketches and other things on facebook and twitter so follow me on them if you want to see those pictures.

Facebook: (if you want to ask me anything, this would be the best way to do it)
Twitter :
  • I just wanted to write a little bit about the story, or the world in general that I created.
For those who already know, may it be that I told them or they read about it on FB/Twitter or here on DA, know that the world is split into five scenarios. Every one of them has a vital part of the general story.
Here a quick list of the scenarios and their role

1. Songs of Old -  plays in what would be somewhere around 300bc-100ad. It contains many informations about the Dwyori, the old Raein Impirium and other old Races of my world, like the Vahr. The Main story of Songs of Old would be about Jahkin, first born of the Great White Wolf Karres. She united Humans and Nohri ad is one of most important Nohris that ever existed.

2. Arcane Dominion - the Arcane Dominion is going through all of the Medieval era. The Arcane Dominion has it's name because in this era of the world the Arcanists where at their strongest and had a vital role in the world.On the other hand, during that age Cuhln, a Druid of Éirin that defeated an old evil haunting all of Albion (alter known as Prydain) , was corrupted and became the very first Necromancer who then invaded the islands with his undead horde. While all of this is happening, in the Nordlands people talk about the return of an Lich and in all of the rest of Europe is an nearly everlasting War between various Kings but the most important change would be the rise of the Tysk who would in later ages be one of the mightiest Nations.

3. The Black Heart - This scenario plays through the later stages of the Medieval era and goes all the way to the Industrial age. During that scenario many of the Old Ones Corruption is happening but it would be far to boring if I tell what is really happening here. But be assured, it explains many things for the main story of the world.

4. Linz 47 - The main story. Linz47 plays during what would be WW2 for us ( 1556 in my world ) and starts with the Menk Conflict. Main Character of this story...well there is no real main but it follows the story of the members of the Linz47 Company. Some of those who left the Tysk Military (like Viriya) and some who are still part of it (like Luka). I suppose the main focus would be on Viriya during this scenario but I don't know for sure. The main event in this scenario would be the frist World War (yes, there never was a world war before , not like in our timeline) and the Unification of the empires: Teuganic Empire (Tysk and Hochmark will form this one) , Vianna-Eltas and Valeria who reclaimed Raei after the War.

5. A new Paradigm  - This one plays long after Linz 47.  Earth, now known as Terra is led by the Terran Order, or Sol as some call them and their combined star systems, who control most of the Terran space: a part of the galaxy that is inhabited by the Terran Nations. while there are still other Terran nations that came from Terra when they first went into space they are not united under one banner. Like in the old times there is still war between them every now and then but they still know how to hold together once a major thread appears. In this scenario one of the main, or the only main character, is Valeik. A Warren who was born on the space habitat Veihx. The main focus here would be about her live in this world, how she got her augmentations and everything that happens to her after that point ( like getting involved in with the Templar Order who still exist in this scenario) and the mysterious entity known as "the Icon"


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